Thursday, October 21, 2010

New York City, baby!

The Big Apple, America's Mecca, Gotham, The Capital of the World, The Greatest Vacation Spot, are all nicknames of the greatest place on earth..New York City! I love the big city! I love how busy, exciting and divers it is. I had been there 2 times before; once with my mom and sisters, then another time with my good friend Janna Mills. Although I had been there twice, it still isn't enough. Brandon, on the other hand, had never been there! Well, he's been to the airport and cities in the suburb, but never the city! So, Bran and I love to travel! Every 6 months we try to go somewhere together..this time it was to New York! It was perfect timing. It was my fall break, great ending to the soccer season, and a good way start for Brandon's crazy time at work. Here are the fun things from our trip!
You know how in movies they always almost miss their flight and end up running on the plane as they're closing the doors? Well, that was us! We left Wednesday morning with plenty of time. When we got to the airport we parked our car and waited, and waiting, and waiting....and waited for the shuttle bus to come pick us up. We seriously waited for the bus for over 20 minutes! By the time we got to the Delta terminal, our plane was leaving in 25 minutes! They usually recommend you get there an hour before you plane takes off. Brandon and I didn't check in online the night before, so we had to go to the agent and print off our tickets. When we got there she told us that our seats have been given away! We were sick. Luckily they had two open seats in the emergency isle. After we got our tickets we ran over to security, only to find the worlds longest line! Luckily, Brandon has special privileges and we were able to go right through the line! After security we only had 10 minutes till our plane took off..We booked it! I've never ran so hard in a public place in my life.
When we got to NY Brandon and I had the most anticipated event of our rtip..The New York Knicks/Boston Celtics basketball game in Madison Square Garden!! It was was SWEET! You know, we only hung out with KG, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, RaJon Rondo, Shaq, and Amare Stoudemire in down town NY. The game was intense! The Celtics were down the entire game and came back to win with 30 seconds left..Couldn't ask for a better game!
The second day we went to F.A.O Shwartz Toy Store, Top of the Rock, 5th avenue, then ate at New York's "Famous" places to eat. F.A.O. Shwartz was incredible! It's exactly how you would picture if from Home Alone. The one bad thing about it...The giant Piano really isn't that big. I was so excited to go play it, and was so disappointed! The good thing, Brandon and I gave our good imaginary friend William a body! Brandon does this funny frog voice that has turned into an actual character at our house. At F.A.O. Shwartz they had a "Build your own Muppet" workshop; so, we created William! The Top of the Rock was incredible! It is such a great view of the entire city, we loved it! Then on 5th avenue our favorite thing was the NBA store. I think that one is self explanatory why we loved it so much!

Us at Lombardi's Pizzzzza!
William lovin' the city!
The Family with newly adopted son, William.
Brandon and the Big City!
Bran and I at the Top of the Rock.

Me and Dwight doin' our thing!
Real Men!
Disappointing, right?
Some of the other things we did that we loved were: Going to the temple, Central Park, Metropolitan Museum, Natural History Museum, Dog Show, Time Square, Canal Street, Subway Rides, Ground Zero, Wall Street, and New York Knicks/Wizards basketball game! I'm sick of here's pictures. We all like looking at pictures more than reading anyway!
Me and Ruthie walkin' like Egyptians at the Met..It's tradition ;)
Bathezduh(however the heck you spell it) Fountain in Central Park!
The Gang! Ruthie, Me, Aunt Marc, and Brando.
We got our moneys worth..Tired every single night!

What? They have Gansta's all over in the city. Even their dogs are Gangsta's! What'd you expect?
Jake got jealous when I took pictures of other dogs.
Time Square, baby!
Craziest block in the world!!
They call this art?! I call this paying a psycho for being a psycho!!!

Fountain at the Lincoln Center...Right across the street from my Aunts!
We Love Basketball. Duh.
Swimmin with the Whale at Natural History Museum.No, I didn't see Sacajawea or Dum Dum. :(
I ain't scuuurd!
He is one with the bears.
"Ohhhh Caitlin." said Ruthie.
Brandon totally beat the mother of our country in a staring contest! Can you husband do that?!
City Skyline at Lady Liberty.
Then we starting singing God Bless America.. It was beautiful.
So, there is our trip for ya! We had a blast. We love ourAunt Marc and love our Ruthie; especially the fact that Ruthie can keep Marc in line!


  1. LOVE IT!!!!! Can you pack me in your suitcase next time ;)

  2. I'm inviting myself on your next big adventure. Wouldn't that be heavenly? :)

  3. Oh you are a blogger now? I will add you to our blog list of friends... ours is: Love the pics, and YOU!! XOXO!